Grand casino jackpot

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a jackpot? Gold bars and a big wad of dollars? Lavish residences and yachts? So, what is the jackpot? Let’s find out!

A jackpot is the biggest win possible for a single spin on a slot machine. With a wide selection of various casino games, different types of a jackpot have appeared. Although they have quite different characteristics, there are a lot of the same features as well. You can win the following jackpots playing at our casino:

Cash Pot Jackpot

It’s also called a non-progressive jackpot. This is the only type of jackpot that does not change or grow. The prize remains unchanged. During gameplay, you have a chance to withdraw a fixed amount of money.

Progressive Jackpot

Grand casino jackpot

It is a gambling payout, which increases each time a gambler plays a slot game, but can’t win it. It will keep growing until a lucky one wins it. A small percentage of every qualifying bet, which a player makes, goes towards the jackpot. It can be won by navigating a bonus game or at random.

Mystery Jackpot

It is a cash prize. Its size can vary according to how many players have wagered money on the casino site. A mystery jackpot is like a progressive jackpot. It works in the same way.

Multiple Jackpots

It simply means that you have better chances of winning because of several jackpots. You can win them by playing various slot games.

Here are top 5 jackpot slots at our casino:

  1. Hall of Gods
  2. Mega Fortune Dreams
  3. Mega Moolah
  4. Arabian Nights
  5. Beach Life